Terms & Conditions

Please note that you may be purchasing used pre-owned equipment unless otherwise specified as NEW.

And as such by purchasing a used pre-owned hardware you acknowledge and agree with:

Since these are PC based systems you are expected to be computer literate in order to operate the device properly. We are not in any way in the position to guarantee its fitness for your specific application. We have provided all the necessary details and links for you to make an educated purchase. All sales are final with no refunds or returns, or cancellation, except DOA (Dead on arrive). All DOA claim has to be made within 24 hours of delivery, and buyer to cover return shipping costs in the event that such rare event happens.

  1. Units are sold as is in working condition with a 3 months parts replacement warranty on most items, some may be up to 1 year, see detail of the item you are purchasing. (Customer is always responsible for the cost of sending in parts for repair)
  2. Rescue Geeks provides 1 year of email and online tech support for hardware support only, Software tutorials are made available via Youtube, or .pdf manuals of the software. Customer is responsible for reading and viewing those items to learn the software. Online remote tech support requires high speed Internet.
  3. Any and all onsite tech support is $80 per hour with 1 hour minimum and 1 hour travel time, prepaid.
  4. Software and operating systems are AS IS on the systems from prior users, and though Rescue Geeks provides 1-year hardware online tech support, buyer holds harmless and indemnifies the Rescue Geeks against any and all liabilities arising from the buyers use and or inability to use the hardware and or software purchased. Rescue Geeks assumes no liability for use of said software.
  5. Software updates if any that may be available, may require additional fees direct to software manufacturer.
  6. Customer cancellations of booked orders prior to shipment, regardless of the reason, are subject to a ten percent (10%) administration fee.
  7. Shipping, packaging, handling, software and any and all professional services are non refundable. (See Return Policy below)




Return Policy

Our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. When you receive your package, we ask that you examine it closely. When you receive your product, read the information package included and contact technical support if you have any questions.

You may return products within 14 days of receipt and get a refund on the purchase price only, minus a 15% restocking fee, there is no refund for shipping and handling. All costs for shipments back to Rescue Geeks is the responsibility of the purchaser. Certain conditions apply so please read below:

Any order discrepancies, i.e, missing items/components; miss-shipments; short-shipments, must be reported either to your Rescue Geeks customer service representative within 24 hours of receipt of the shipment.
  1. All warranties include malfunctions due to normal use. Warranties are void when damage is incurred due to misuse such as User misuse, hardware tampering,liquid spillage and/or other user negligence.
  2. All NEW items may come with 1-3 year manufacturer warranty which is valid by and via Manufacturer only and not Rescue Geeks.
  3. Rescue Geeks is not responsible for said individual manufacturer warranty policies.
  4. Shipping back to Rescue Geeks or Manufacturer is always the customers responsibility.
  5. All used/refurbished systems come with 3 month - 1 year parts warranty - Shipping for warranty and or repair is always the customers responsibility.
  6. Nothing should be sent back without an authorized RMA number (see above for instructions RMA.
  7. Items that do not have an RMA number will not be accepted and sent back to shipper. 
  8. Extended warranty is available on most parts, contact sales directly for details.
  9. Client must ship back to the production facility for testing, repair and or  replacement as needed and deemed appropriate by the tech department.
  10. Client can also purchase a replacement, pay in full, and then once replacement is received, they can ship the existing unit that needs warranty work done back for testing. If the warranty unit is tested and found to be defective, the client will be refunded the Purchase Price only of the second unit paid for. But if the unit is found not to be defective, the client will be refunded the purchase price of the second unit paid for minus a 15% restocking fee. If the unit is found to be broken due to misuse by client, there will be no refund for second unit purchased, and the unit sent in for warranty repair/work will be discarded or the client can choose to have the unit shipped back to them at their expense.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan to make any hardware/software alterations, DO NOT do so before contacting tech support. ANY and ALL Hardware and Software alteration on your part to the system purchased, will immediately void your warranty and FREE tech support. It will also hinder the system from functioning properly and it may disable your software registration as it will not recognize the unit and you would have to purchase a new license.

Internet Web Site Accuracy
While we make our best effort to keep the information on our Internet web site accurate, errors may occur. In the event a price is found to be incorrect, or a product is not accurately depicted, we will make every attempt to contact the customer to inform them of the changes. All information is believed to be accurate, but accuracy is not guaranteed.

Right Of Refusal:
Rescue Geeks reserves the right to limit quantities and to reject orders at upon its own and sole discretion.

Helpful hints to ease the return process:
  1. Keep all original packaging as you received it for at least 15 days.
  2. Keep all products in good condition.
  3. Do not remove UPC codes or serial numbers.
  4. Do not write or mark the packaging, contents or warranty registration cards if applicable.
  5. Products, whether defective or not, must be returned in the proper packaging and the box must include all components and other items originally packaged with the product: cables, software, manuals, registration and warranty cards etc. Linked promotional items must also be included.
General returns conditions - Applicable to all returns:
  1. Shipping charges are not refundable.
  2. Exchange or return of hardware items for any reason will result in a minimum 15% restocking fee.
  3. Customer is responsible for shipping charges and risk of loss on all return shipments.
  4. Rescue Geeks highly recommends using a reputable shipping carrier capable of providing proof of delivery, as well as properly packing and fully insuring your return shipment.
  5. We are not responsible for lost returns.
  6. For returns of non-defective product, a 15% restocking fee may be applied, at Rescue Geeks sole discretion.
  7. Refunds will not be issued after thirty (30) days from date of placement of order.
  8. Software, services, travel charges, programming and media products are not refundable.
  9. Credit will not be issued on product(s) returned in non-usable condition.
  10. Where a specific return period is applicable, no returns will be accepted beyond that period.
  11. Refunds on purchases made with a credit card will only be credited to the same card. The credit will be made within 30 days of receipt and verification of the merchandise returned.
  12. Customer cancellations of booked orders prior to shipment, regardless of the reason, are subject to a 10% administration fee.
  13. Transportation charges are to be prepaid by the buyer. All other returns will be refused.
  14. The following items cannot be accepted for return: Software, receipt printer rolls, and ribbons, barcode labels, printer interface cards, precut sized cables, and consumable items.
Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number
  1. To receive an RMA number, email RMA@RescueGeeks.com with customer name, order number and the reason for the RMA request.
  2. Our receiving department will refuse any product received without a valid RMA number.
  3. RMA numbers issued by Rescue Geeks are good for 10 days only, and product must be received by Rescue Geeks within that time. RMA numbers cannot be extended or reissued.
  4. The manufacturer's warranty applies to products sold. Warranties vary by manufacturer.
  5. We highly recommend double boxing all returns to avoid damage to the manufacturer's box. Write the RMA number on the outer box. Do not write on the product box.
  6. No returns will be accepted without prior authorization and a Return Merchandise Authorization ("RMA") number. IMPORTANT: Products returned without a valid RMA # appearing on the exterior packaging will be refused.
  7. The "Ship To" address for RMA's may differ, depending on the product. Complete "Ship To" instructions, as appropriate, will be provided along with the RMA #, where applicable.
  8. All products (both defective and non-defective) must be returned in original purchase condition, with the original packing material, blank warranty cards, manuals and any other item or accessory provided. IMPORTANT: Returned orders with items missing will result in rejection of the return or an additional restocking fee, at Rescue Geeks sole discretion.
  9. Customer is responsible for shipping charges and risk of loss on all return shipments. Rescue Geeks highly recommends using a reputable shipping carrier capable of providing proof of delivery, as well as properly packing and fully insuring your return shipment. We are not responsible for lost returns.
  10. For returns of non-defective product, a 15% restocking fee may be applied, at Rescue Geeks sole discretion.
  11. Any additional charges incurred in returning hardware are the buyer's responsibility.

We are not in any way able to guarantee the use of any of our POS bundles on your network and networking hardware and software support is not included with the sale of any of our POS bundles.

Before attempting to use your POS on a network:

What is Networking?
Networking' is the connecting of 2 or more computers for the purpose of sharing resources like data, connection sharing,
printers, files, etc.

POS users typically network PCs so POS stations can process sales and prints receipts while the main computer in the
back office (which stores the database) can administer to tasks like adding and discounting inventory, printing price labels,
processing settlements, communicating with clients and printing checks

Types of Local Area Networks

Wired Networks (LAN) are based up Ethernet technology - 2 or more computers in the same general location connected by
RJ45 (Registered Jack) cables. Computers using different versions of Windows can be on the same network.

Wireless Networks (WLAN) utilize Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) technology
unreliable for commercial-grade applications and not supported

Payments, Legal Fees and related costs:
By making this purchase, I hereby agree to refrain from instituting any chargeback actions or stop payments in association with this purchase and I agree to pay for any and all costs related to shipping, customs, duties, taxes, collections fees, legal fees, and other related costs that may be associated with any and all actions that may result as a failure of my payment being completed in full for this transaction and or any monthly payments that I may agree to pay in conjunction with this transaction. And or if I instigate a credit card chargeback, or stop payment related to this transaction or any monthly agreement related to this transaction.

Entire Agreement:
These terms and conditions, together with the RescueGeeks invoice respecting the products ordered by Customer, are the complete and exclusive agreement between Rescue Geeks and Customer, and they supersede all prior or contemporaneous proposals, oral or written, understandings, representations, conditions, warranties, and all other communications between Rescue Geeks and Customer relating to the subject products. This agreement may not be explained or supplemented by any prior course of dealings or trade by custom or usage.